Project Description

Almost everybody who has worked in a cube farm knows that when it comes to ordering lunch, total chaos can seem to occur.  Usually one person ends up collating the lunch order for the day and wastes tons of time trying to figure out how much change everyone gets and such.  What further complicates things is the need to work only in single dollar amounts since most of the time, people do not have access to change.

WILLPOS is an attempt to fix this through software developed by the community.  I am sure that so many individual people have written similar systems.  This is an attempt to consolidate all of these systems in to one powerful and versatile system.

This project is just getting organized so this site will go through massive changes.

Project Status

Currently, there is a pretty flexible version of WILLPOS that is about to start being tested in the field.  This version is unfortunately quite hardcoded and most likely will not be released due to the fact that a new version is already in development.  Once I figure out how to use sourceforges CVS, I will stick the new version in CVS for others to begin to view.  I will also try to get a live demo online for the general community.

Project Goals

Some pretty basic things that I would like to see develop in WILLPOS was a more flexible configuration including a generalized method for calculating the billing total.  I would really like to see some of the ideas of the project (such as the HTML Superset for database interacting) to branch out into standalone libraries.
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